What’s Working with B2B Content Syndication?

Content syndication provides opportunities for forward-thinking organizations to take advantage of a tactic their competitors may not yet be using.

This report examines how progressive B2B organizations are seeing notable results from content syndication initiatives. Sharing insights from both experts and practitioners, the report highlights how content syndication can help B2B marketers:
  • Connect with new audiences by extending the brand to new watering holes where prospective customers may be researching a purchase decision.
  • Gather valuable intent signals collected from engagement with syndicated content.
  • Continue conversations with top-tier accounts and streamline their buying decisions.
  • Accelerate business deals by providing information at the right time and in the right channel.

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"It has brought to light people we’ve never spoken to before, who are great fits for our product and net-new to our lead database.”
Senior Demand Generation Manager at Pathfactory