The Power of B2B E-Mail Marketing in 2021

Marketing to an individual from a business is easier since you can place yourself in the shoes of the consumer. Business to business, however, can be an entirely different marketing challenge.

While there are many new trends in B2B marketing happening every year, but for the tenth year in a row, email has been the leading channel when it comes to generating ROI (127%) for B2B Marketers.

Don’t let anyone tell you email marketing is dead. In 2021 email marketing will still reign supreme among marketing tactics for businesses. The key to successful email marketing, however, is doing it right.

More Than Traditional Marketing

Email is considered one of the pillars of traditional digital marketing. B2B and B2C marketing, or business to consumer, have very different audiences and communication strategies. HubSpot states that B2B marketing is focused on an organization as a customer, instead of an individual.

HubSpot also details how 93% of B2B marketers use email because emails provide a higher amount of engagement. B2B customers are looking for positive ROIs through logic, unlike the B2C customer’s emotional decision-making process.

B2B conversion points are much higher than B2C conversion points; B2B sale cycles are often around three months long but can take upwards of nine months, depending on the price of the product. Email helps to educate and nurture your B2B relationships while going through these extended buying cycles.

Reach Beyond Social Media

The social media are no longer providing the great ROIs they once did for B2B marketing. Changes in platform algorithms have taken a hit on business strategies as business pages have seen a drastically declining organic reach.

According to MarketingSherpa, 72% of consumers prefer to receive email content marketing than social media, and email marketing is a bigger driver of conversions than search and social.

B2B email marketing helps marketers stretch beyond the limited reach of social media and engage their customers further. While social media may put your content in front of thousands of passive eyeballs, opt-in email marketing puts your content into the hands of open and engaged consumers that are looking for your product.

Amplify Your Email Marketing

In 2021 there are now well over 5.9 billion active email accounts. With a median marketing ROI of 127%, B2B email marketing has the highest return on investment per dollar spent.

Today, 83% of B2B companies are using e-newsletters and emails to distribute their new content, with email critical to their marketing content strategies. The future of marketing lies in marketing automation through email marketing. With the improvement of AI, personalization, GDPR changes, and the rise of marketing automation, B2B marketing’s success lies in the ability of companies to harness the power of email to improve the buying funnel.

DemandWorks Media can help your business take your email marketing to the next level by using targeted content syndication for your B2B marketing. Your content could be included in eBulletins, a platform targeting business audiences using advanced 1st party data.

Your business can use Intent Data to get your email to the right people – the decision-makers that have been qualified to fit into your sales funnel – by partnering with a content syndication vendor.

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