Why DemandWorks?

Our Solutions Work on Demand

ABM / Content Syndication

Unleash your content! Whether it's via your ABM list, buyer demographics, purchasing intent or install base, you can place your content in the inbox of the right buyer, at the right time!

Programmatic Display

Unlike most display providers, our solution is powered by our 1st party contact level data. No more wasted impressions...Target the right people, at the right companies, with personalized messaging on all of their devices!

Contact Level Intent Data

DemandWorks monitors millions of content engagements every month! Our proprietary 1st party contact Intent data enables us to target not only 'surging' companies but more critically, those buyers with a PO in hand.

Content Syndication

Targeted B2B email publications to our 13+ million subscribers, delivering a fully personalized 1:1 email experience, enabling you to place your content directly in the inbox of the right buyer, at the right time, on any device.
With a series of highly targeted B2B email newsletters, personalized experience, predictive targeting, and custom ‘pay for performance’ pricing, you can be sure of ‘guaranteed response’ with some of the best conversion rates in the industry.

Account Based Marketing

Your content syndication program is live and driving leads for Sales. Now it’s time to focus on your ‘sweet spot’ target account list. Whether it’s your unique list of 300 Enterprise Accounts, the S&P 500, or 400 Retail Accounts, you can be sure your penetrating potential Key Accounts with a DemandWorks ‘Account Based Marketing’ campaign. Provide us with your ‘Target Account List’ and any ‘Custom Content’ and we will deliver qualified leads that meet your specific criteria.
DemandWorks uses Dynamic Content technology along with Predictive & Behavioral Targeting Technologies to ensure we’re only delivering relevant content to relevant buyers at the relevant time in their buying journey.

Intent Based Campaigns

Our eBulletins subscriber based platform analyzes behaviors through over 100+ different data points of each individual subscribers to deliver a fully customized 1:1 content experience, ultimately delivering you a more engaged lead which lead to higher conversions.
• Promoting reports, white papers, ebooks, case studies, videos, webinars, and other relevant content to our weekly subscribers.
• 1:1 intent driven promotions via progressive profiling and content download metrics, 20-40% of the leads will download 2-5 additional assets due to our targeting.

DemandPRO: Intent Driven
Display Solutions

Unlike most other display providers, our solution is powered by cookie data rather than IP based. This makes it far more accurate at targeting specific people within a target account. Engage with key buyers throughout their purchasing journey with ad formats proven to perform.
• Contact Level Targeting
• Lead Retargeting & Nurturing
• 1st Party "Contact" Intent Targeting
• Cross-Device Targeting