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We understand the importance and pressure of delivering high-quality leads to your sales team.

At DemandWorks, we recognize the crucial role and the pressure that comes with delivering high-quality leads to your sales team. Our content syndication strategies are meticulously crafted to leverage your top-performing content, turning it into a powerful tool for lead generation. We ensure that every lead generated is not just a number but a valuable prospect that matches the specific campaign qualifiers or your ICP.

What makes the leads we generate different?

We don’t just cast a wide net. Our syndication strategy is finely tuned to your ICP, ensuring that your content reaches potential leads who are not just interested but ready to engage with your solutions. Whether you’re targeting a unique list of 300 Enterprise accounts, the S&P 500, or a niche ABM list, you can be sure that DemandWorks will hit your key accounts.

We don’t just distribute content; we make it intelligent. By monitoring thousands of intent signals on a monthly basis, we have a deep understanding of where your potential leads are in their buying journey. This powerful insight allows us to send out content at the most opportune moments, dramatically increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion. Our campaigns are not just targeted but timed to perfection, ensuring that your content reaches prospects exactly when they are most receptive and ready to take the next step.

While broad audience reach is beneficial, our emphasis is on connecting with the right audience. We prioritize leads with a higher likelihood of conversion, ensuring each prospect we engage with is more aligned with your offerings. This approach not only enhances the efficiency of your sales team but also significantly improves the effectiveness of their efforts. By focusing on the quality of leads rather than sheer volume, we ensure that your marketing resources are invested in prospects who are genuinely interested and ready to engage, leading to a more streamlined sales process and a higher rate of successful conversions.

Content Syndication

Our approach to Content Syndication isn't just about spreading your content—it's about strategically placing it in front of the right eyes. Deliver your best content directly to your ICP.

1:1 Conversational Emails

These aren't your typical marketing emails. Instead, these emails are sent from our senior editors at leading publications, eBulletins, and InboxSavvy, these emails forge genuine connections

Timing is important. Be present for the entire journey.

Identify and engage key accounts and their decision makers at the right stages of their journey.

"DemandWorks helps us with lead generation and display on a quarterly basis. They are consistently one of our top performers quarter over quarter, and our go-to for any new initiatives.”
Senior Manager of Digital Demand Marketing

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