Mother Knows Best! Mom-Approved Demand Gen Tactics

It seems like mom always knows best when it comes to our personal lives and relationships.

As it turns out, mama’s instincts relate to marketing very well. Here are some tips for using some of mom’s best tendencies to improve your campaigns.

Mothers have specific account-based targeting tactics

It seems that your mom always knows that one person from work, church or another group who has a nice job, a good family and a great personality, and she always tries to set you up with them.

I think it’s safe to say mama knows best when it comes to pairing you with the one who will satisfy your unique preferences and needs – just like account-based marketing or specific account targeting that focuses on particular qualifications.

ABM is all about selling to your best-fit account, right from the beginning. It’s useful because it targets your marketing efforts towards your most promising accounts and customizes the approach to close the deal more effectively.

Here are a few ways you can use mom-approved ABM tactics:

  • Organize your account list to prioritize your customer’s attributes.
  • Create unique, compelling content for different types of targets.
  • Use display advertising to personalize the buyer’s journey.
  • Write custom thank-you cards and emails to keep your current customers engaged.

Moms utilize Intent Data

Mama always seems to know, even before we do, who we should and definitely should not be friends with. From an early age your mom knows this because she knows you, her child, and can tell if your friends’ characteristics will be compatible with yours. We all know our moms had a “favorite” out of our friend groups, whether she was willing to admit it or not!

Marketing with intent data is similar. “We often hear how companies are “surging” or “in-market,” but the reality is, when trying to sell into large enterprise accounts, there are potentially hundreds of buyers and budget holders. Intent Data is targeting the specific buyer at the right time — the decision maker who can pull the trigger when the time is right,” explains Mat Phillips, Co-Owner of DemandWorks Media.  

Intent data helps with predicting buyers’ intentions based on their online behavior. Buyers who actively search for a particular product or service are exhibiting an intent or predisposition to purchase.

As your key target customer searches the web, their data is matched with yours, helping to boost your marketing team’s conversions and sales.

You can grow your pipeline using intent data by:

  • Creating data-driven marketing that tracks the buyer’s journey.
  • Providing more personalized marketing that relates to the specific stage of the funnel your target account is in.
  • Improving your ABM efforts by focusing efforts on the highest-tier accounts.
  • Countering threats from your competitors by leveraging intent data to understand who your competitors are and how their marketing is being served to your target accounts.

Moms know how to cook up great content

There’s something about your mom’s special recipe that just tastes so much better when she makes it. Mama knows how to make the best food, and she’s always ready to feed you (and your friends!). However, she might be wary about giving that recipe to just anyone!

Gated and giveaway content is a similar concept. Your company has invested significant resources, such as money and time, in creating great content. One way to increase website views and marketing leads is to give away some content for free, such as white papers or e-books, in exchange for the customer’s contact information. This helps grow your pipeline and keep quality content fresh.

You can create new content by repurposing old marketing content, such as upcycling an old blog post into a podcast, turning internal data into a case study, combining small posts into a comprehensive roundup review, or making statistics into infographics. Just like when your mom would incorporate leftovers into her next meal!

Moms know how to promote brand awareness

Your mom is always quick to tell everyone she knows when you’ve done something she’s proud of.

Mama knows best when it comes to letting your whole community back home know when you’ve had a significant accomplishment. Whether it be by phone call, a group text, or a mass email, she always finds a way to keep everyone informed. Omnichannel marketing is no different: It’s a sales approach in which you market to your consumer across multiple channels.

One way to cross-device target or utilize omnichannel marketing is to syndicate your B2B content. This allows you to redistribute your valuable content across multiple channels to help grow the visibility and awareness of your company.

Ways to generate multiple engagements with your accounts include:

Mothers know the importance of nurturing

Moms know that it’s essential to check up on your friends and family often – not just when they’re sick.

Your mom is the queen of lead nurturing, and you learned from the best. It’s important to check in with your close circle frequently. If they stumble or need a hand, you can be there to give them the boost they need to take their next step.

Lead nurturing, such as email marketing, is a great way to customize your message based on your buyer’s stage in the sales funnel. By automating that frequent contact, you can customize the content to meet your customer’s precise needs.

Mom’s activities relate to everyday scenarios

Who would have thought our moms would know so much about B2B Marketing, without even knowing it themselves? It’s undeniable that our moms help prepare us for all aspects of life and it’s no different in our professions. This mother’s day let’s make sure we spending a little more time “nurturing” our moms, just like they have done for us all of these years.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard-working, patient, loving, and all-around amazing moms out there! – DemandWorks Media

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