Lead Nurturing Tactics You Should Be Using Now

Effective lead nurturing tactics can vastly impact your results and provide the opportunity to gain an advantage over your competition.

When using inbound marketing to generate more leads, it is essential to have an effective lead nurturing strategy. On average, a small percent of your inbound leads will be ready to make a purchase, leaving approximately 90% of your inbound leads up for discussion. Thus, having an effective lead generation strategy can vastly impact your results, along with providing the opportunity to gain an advantage over your competition.

Lead Nurturing Process

The nurturing process intentionally engages your target audience by providing valuable information, any form of support, and being an integral part of the buyer’s journey throughout every stage. Critical to the success of your business, these tactics immediately impact whether a customer decides to convert into a paying customer. Below are 7 of the most effective lead nurturing tactics and what they entail. Set both quantitative and qualitative goals with your team, and start experimenting with these tactics today to boost your results.

1. Targeted Content: Customize intriguing and entertaining content to members of your target audience to identify the most qualified leads.

2. Multi-channel Lead Nurturing: Reach out and nurture your audience on multiple channels instead of just email.

3. Multiple Touches: Increase touches with various channels and content types to improve engagement and interaction with members of your target audience.

4. Timely Follow-ups: Promptly follow up with your leads to keep them engaged and interested while keeping your brand top of mind.

5. Personalized Emails: Personalize emails and lead nurturing tactics to promote customer retention.

6. Lead Scoring: Determine which leads you should focus your time on by implementing a lead scoring strategy.

7. Sales and Marketing Alignment: Align marketing and sales teams to enhance customer retention and improve your lead nurturing tactics.

Content Creation

In terms of lead nurturing, all content is not created equal. Significantly improve your results by strategically nurturing your leads with targeted content. Start by understanding the uniqueness of each of your buyer personas. Then, create targeted content specifically designed to nurture each persona based on their characteristics, such as goals, interests, marketing triggers, and objectives.

Create buyer stage-specific content by sending customized emails. Email marketing is a successful tactic for lead nurturing, as personalized emails often produce highly effective results. However, there are many ways to improve your lead nurturing strategy via customized emails. For instance, send triggered emails when a sightseer downloads your content, visits specific pages on your company site, clicks on links within your emails, or expresses an elevated level of engagement. By combining the benefits of marketing personalization with behaviorally triggered emails, you can create the best content, for the right people, at the proper time, with the appropriate marketing message.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

A marketing automation platform can help you identify, target, and segment your unique buyer personas as you scale your strategy. The need for automation software has been on the rise over the past few years, with around 49% of companies and 55% of B2B businesses currently taking advantage of the benefits. As leads expect consistent contact, more “humanized” experiences, and more personalized offers and content, automation can help marketers succeed. So, can you benefit from automation? Below are 6 signs that all point to yes.

1. You are exhausted from repetitive, manual, inefficient tasks.

2. You can’t scale up because you’re too short-staffed.

3. Your competition is on the rise.

4. You are not sure how to display your success.

5. You are using way too many marketing tools.

6. You spray and pray your marketing.

Marketing automation programs separate your contacts into segmented lists based on job title, recent interactions, and gender and make it simple to send customized offers or content to leads based on collective qualities. In addition, marketing automation programs allow you to target contacts in different stages of the buyer’s journey while also allowing your strategy to become efficient and intuitive. This way, you can get the point across to the right people without hours of research.

There are further advantages to automating your email campaigns. They automate sending emails and allow customization to individuals at different stages of their buying journey. Additional key benefits include email content personalization opportunities, low-hassle revision, and continuous improvement through testing, long-term planning for campaigns with automated scheduling, maintenance of clean and well-segmented lists, increases in traffic to the business website, and SEO. And, best of all, they provide more time and resources for the marketing team to devote elsewhere.

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