How To Make Highly Effective Display Ads For B2B Marketers

Here are some highly effective strategies for creating smart, simple, and attention-grabbing B2B display ads for maximum ROI.

Global digitalization has revolutionized the B2B marketing strategies in the past two decades. On the flip side, the digital revolution has minimized the attention span to 8 seconds on average, according to recent researches. Therefore, it is necessary to create intelligent, smart, simple, and attention-grabbing display ads for maximum returns. Following are some of the leading strategies for making effective B2B display ads.

Treating Banners As Billboards

Due to the diminishing attention span of the viewers, it is paramount to create the banners in such a way that they may look like billboards on the road. You have to get a little extra creative here to grab the attention in a split second.

Consistency Along With Variation

People may take time to decide on your product or service. Therefore, the banners must be consistent so that people may easily identify your ads. As for consistency, you’re your ads to stand out; however, it is also important to add variations to keep them from getting ignored by the viewers.

Employ The KISS Trick

Employing the KISS trick, i.e. keep it simple, stupid, is the key. Therefore, use simple words and give a clear message in a limited space.

Employ Hierarchy

Employ the three Bs trick i.e. brand, buzz, and badger. The trick simply means that the ads must include the logo of your brand, the buzz refers to the message you want the target prospects to get, by badgering them for the call to action.

Use Images

Employing the images in the ads creates an appealing impact. Therefore, use the most relevant and necessary images while keeping in mind the context and the message of your ads.

Include Animation

Animated banners are preferred over static ones, as they grab attention easily. The animations must not be too fast or too distracting and must end with a clear message. Further, using a suitable format and creating a proper landing page are also effective strategies for display ads to be impactful.

Implementing Discounts

Audiences are more likely to go for a purchase where they feel like having a deal. B2B display ads promoting discount offers and free demos get more attention than the ones without them. Therefore, marketers are extensively using this trick, which not only increases their revenue but also increases click-through rates.

Picking The Color Palette Wisely

When you are designing a display ad, every detail matters, and the suitable color choice is one of them. Marketers take into consideration the psychological associations attached with different colors. Mostly, contrasting colors make the ads more attractive and appealing.

Using Shockvertising

Display ads that have shock value stand out more and have the chance to cut through the noise. This strategy is termed shockvertising, as the displayed ads elicit strong emotions in the viewers and make them engage with the ads. However, this technique should be employed wisely while keeping away from blood, gore, and hyper-sexualized images.


Last but not least, personalized advertising and marketing is more relevant and imperative than ever as the world has shifted to digital connections. Nowadays, customers want to see unique and different ads that will recommend products and services that improve their lives, and instead of disturbing customers in between their busy schedule, they want to see ads that foresee their needs.

Personalized advertising can be easily created for customers by knowing your target audience. In your ads you should include storytelling, visual content, and testimonials that provide value to the prospect you’re targeting. Besides this, marketers need to understand that data orchestration is a key to display marketing personalization. This is a people-based marketing approach that help marketers reach the right person at the right time and in the right context by collecting data from several online and offline sources.

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