Four 2021 B2B Marketing Strategies You Should Know

Lead generation is consistently one of marketing professionals’ biggest challenge – not only employing lead generation strategies but tools that will maximize return on investment (ROI).

Focus On Your Niche

Many companies make the mistake of trying to reach too wide of an audience, and end up missing the mark. Your blogs and search engine optimization (SEO) should help you reach the number one spot on Google’s organic search rankings.

In other words, the first spot under the ads. By focusing on your niche, and tailoring more of your content to solve very specific problems, you become a go-to expert in your field.

When sketching out your business-to-business (B2B) marketing strategy for 2021, set a niche goal, a very specific target audience, and execute your objectives. While a narrower field will reduce the number of prospects in your sales funnels, the quality should rise as your sales team has to lead through less and less unqualified leads.

Revamp Your SEO Strategy

Search engines bring a lot of organic (i.e. not paid) traffic to your website or landing pages. So, now is the time to take a new look at relevance of your keywords and focus phrases.

Turn your SEO strategy around and work on having a high density of specific, local keywords instead of broad, national keywords. You can use Google’s free platform to see how you rank, but don’t forget more outside the box places such as YouTube, Bing and Yahoo!.

To begin, pull all of the keywords that your blogs, landing pages and websites that are bringing in traffic. Pick the top quarter of those that bring in the best traffic and add to them the new, local, niche-specific keywords that you’ve previously chosen.

While creating new content, gated content and videos, work to include your highest value niche keywords in your headline and main body content. This will help to increase the density of your niche keywords and revamp how you are currently ranked in the SEO standings.

Gate Specific Content

Not everyone is confident or comfortable with gating their content. However, Marketing Insider Group points out that gated content is one of the most effective ways to identify prospects that care about your business.

Placing a paywall on your content can lead to more conversions and leads. The financial website Trading Strategy Guides gated specific levels of their content, and added around 11,000 subscribers.

Existing or top-viewed content isn’t the right type of content to put on a paywall. You should produce new content of value, such podcasts, whitepapers and eBooks, that are of higher value than traditional blogs.

Choose The Right Partner

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