7 Ways to utilize LinkedIn for B2B Marketing Strategies

Unlike other social media outlets, LinkedIn works well for B2B marketers. So, it is imperative to use proven marketing strategies offered through LinkedIn.

There are several B2B marketing strategies that will yield amazing results for your company.

Develop a lead generation page

Turning your website’s front page into a lead generation page is the best way to develop business leads. You can do this by using an attention-grabbing image.

You also should produce a clear and compelling pitch in the business description, and your recent updates section should be focused on conversions and be clickable.

“Warm” your email

The most powerful of all the B2B marketing strategies, this step entails finding a prospect, researching and sending out an InMail via LinkedIn. Turning the LinkedIn email inbox into another “cold calling” email place isn’t such a good thing to do, though. So, doing some strong research is imperative.

Make a showcase page

There are showcase pages on LinkedIn for the brand promotion that companies can take advantage of. These pages are perfect for inbound LinkedIn traffic segmenting. Just click on “edit” on your company page and click the “create a showcase page” link to get started.

Use advanced search

When you click on the advanced search link on LinkedIn, you will gain a more in-depth way for the exact kind of companies (or their key personnel) you are targeting.

Save searches

You can also remain active in your prospecting by reviewing your saved searches. From the advanced search area, the “save search” option will be in the upper right-hand corner of the web page. You can produce a saved search to find that same search again, and also can have alerts set up.

Start groups for prospects

LinkedIn groups provide many wonderful networking opportunities. One way to obtain more from these groups is to make your own.

As you join and interact with these groups, you may discover another group to form. Once you’ve built a group, InMail can be used to effectively customized invitation for your prospects.

Publish content of thought leadership

You can have access to the publishing platform for more exposure. Build a following and gain more static to the B2B marketing strategies. The content must be informative, interesting and useful. Furthermore, the fostering of respect and trust is the main purpose of your thought leadership content.

Seek expert help

LinkedIn is a proven method when it comes to B2B marketing, so take full advantage of this social media outlet to enhance your business prospects.

To ensure your company is effectively utilizing these marketing strategies, partnering with highly qualified experts is recommended. That’s where Demand Works Media thrives.

Demand Works Media has a team of experts with several years of experience in lead generation, content syndication, and more. Numerous clients have gotten great results with B2B marketing, and Demand Works Media can do the same for your marketing activities. Contact DemandWorks Media today.

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