6 Savvy Ways to Spend Your ABM Savings In the 2nd Half of The Year

Your account-based marketing doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, here are a few savvy ways you can use your savings in the last 2 quarters of the year.

Account-based marketing doesn’t have to break the bank. There are a few smart ways you can save money and still reach your leads. ABM is a popular form of marketing because it homes in on target accounts, increasing your ROI. With a savvy ABM strategy, you can stretch your ABM savings even further. Here are a few ideas to incorporate in your strategy.

Nurture already generated leads

When you form a solid relationship with your leads early in the funnel, you boost your chances of closing the deal at the end – and creating a very loyal customer.

While it’s essential to avoid these seven major lead-nurturing mistakes, the biggest ones you should keep top-of-mind are losing your leads and forgetting to follow up.

Nurture your leads through the entire funnel, and then follow up with them afterward. Include automated touchpoints at each stage of the buying funnel to help guide your buyers through to the loyalty stage.

Once your leads have become customers, don’t forget to follow up with them! Not only should you check in to see where they are at each stage in the funnel, but once they become customers, you should also continue engaging with them to maintain brand loyalty.

Create an automated nurturing drip campaign

Speaking of automating your customers’ journey through your funnel, an automated lead-nurturing drip campaign can not only help move your leads through the funnel, but also keep them engaged at each turn.

Automated lead nurturing occurs when you automate specific triggers. For example, when someone downloads an e-book from your site, that tells a system to send an email to that person. You can also create triggers that automatically release emails based on time or stage, or even for personas.

Top-of-mind drips, promotion drips and training drips are all examples of email drip campaigns that you can automate.

Produce new 3Q content or a mid-year report

A new mid-year report or third-quarter content is a great way to keep your current leads and customers thinking about you.

Mid-year reports not only take stock internally of how your business is performing, but also convince potential and existing customers of the stability of your company.

Marketing reports usually include data from various outlets, such as:

  • Business goals.
  • SEO insights.
  • Existing and new customer testimonials.
  • Email marketing successes.
  • Social media interactions.
  • Explanations of new or upcoming features, products or services.

Mid-year reports are also an excellent way of upcycling multiple forms of content into a singular roundup.

Upcycle content

Your company has invested heavily in your content.

You’ve invested precious funds and time into creating videos, blogs, brochures, e-books, white papers – and you don’t want them to just collect dust and disappear.

Instead of letting your content wither away in the archives, you can upcycle it by turning well-performing pieces or still-relevant evergreen projects into something new!

Use blog content for podcasts. One way to upcycle your content is to take a highly viewed blog post and turn it into a podcast! Take the blog and convert it into a script or significant talking point for a podcast.

Once the podcast has been published, embed it into the original blog post to increase the on-site time. Additionally, you can do the reverse by taking a popular podcast and use the script to create an engaging think-piece or blog.

Combine articles into roundups. Do you have a series of articles on a specific topic, such as AC repair, how-tos, walkthroughs, etc.? Combine a set of items into one roundup review!

Consumers love roundups, and this form of media is a great way to include links to all your other posts, while also bringing a new breath to an existing topic.

Give data a new purpose. Do you have a lot of statistics and raw data? Take boring stats and make them infographics!

Readers love to scan through articles, which makes infographics popular. You can upcycle old case studies, quotes or existing data and create a fun and engaging new piece of content that can be used for your current marketing and even display advertising.

Create brand-centric display ads

Display ads and display retargeting can be a powerful marketing solution no matter your industry.

While there are unique solutions for display retargeting, you can also put a new spin on this established practice to reach your B2B audience.

Overall lifestyle branding. Lifestyle brands can become a way of life, which is why lifestyle branding is such an effective form of advertising. Create photos that show your product or service in use to reinforce its success to potential customers.

Client testimonials. Client testimonials are a form of social proof, showing your prospects that your brand is worth following. Use these testimonials in a new way by picking a quote and using the testimonial as a display ad for people who perhaps haven’t seen your brand before.

Comparison guides. Comparison guides are especially helpful for consumers in the evaluation/intent stage of the marketing funnel. Craft your intent data into a small infographic that can be embedded in your display ads to encourage signups.

Host live digital events with your ABM vendor to help promote signups

Live digital events, like webinars or mass virtual meetings, are a great way to interact with your ABM prospects.

Effective ABM campaigns will help deliver your content to qualified leads, and the use of dynamic content can increase signups for your blog, email marketing or even sales.

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