5 Ways to Upgrade your ABM Strategy

Many marketing managers and business owners think that if your marketing strategy is working, don’t change it.

But what if it could be better?

Some of the most effective ways to keep your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy not only working but dynamic and profitable is to inject it with better talking points, new and fresh ideas, tactical approaches, and a vendor with 1st party Intent Data.

ABM’s goal is to deliver personalized marketing to key, specific accounts. Each account is treated individually, focusing on the specific challenges, preferred communication, buying triggers, and needs that the specific account requires to make it through the sales funnel.

It’s time to upgrade your ABM strategy.

Use personalized content

Content personalization has become a gamechanger in the digital marketing field. In order to increase the chance of your specific marketing segmentation converting, you want to customize content based on their challenges and interests.

Increase the number of leads you are bringing in by engaging with your audience across multiple touchpoints.

Try these personalization strategies:

– Tailor your campaign nurture accounts to include materials relevant to their funnel stage.

– Work with a Lead Generation vendor that specializes in Content Syndication like DemandWorks Media to narrow done your perfect target audience.

– Develop multiple landing pages featuring different content for accounts with specific needs.

Tell your brand or product’s story better

For your marketing strategy to work, you need to stand out from the crowd.

Storytelling is a great opportunity to create engagement and get creative when showcasing your brand. Storytelling is also a perfect chance to develop a higher-quality relationship with your potential customers.

This approach works by providing a better experience for your audience. You want to give them an opportunity to learn more about your brand, the benefits they can receive from working with you, and the solutions to their problems that your business provides.

Here are some possible storytelling tactics:

– Combine case studies with product videos.

– Create and promote success stories.

– Highlight and walk through the customer experience.

– Share company milestones and a positive company culture.

Create resource centers

Whether it’s an FAQ or a blog, your prospects will appreciate a resource center.

A resource center acts as a comprehensive go-to for industry-related content, where your prospect can get answers to questions about their specific problems.

By creating a resource center where customers can sort by date, popularity, keywords, or topic, you create a useful and depending place that your consumers will turn to in a time of need.

Your resource center should speak directly to your target segmentation. Those categories could include:

– Industry vertical.

– Account-specific.

– Challenges and benefits.

2019’s Best Marketing Channel

We’ll make this one short and sweet.

Traditional marketing tool, direct email, is still the most effective form of marketing. For ten years in a row, email has been the leading channel when it comes to generating ROI (127%) for B2B Marketers.

Instead of promoting content to thousands of unqualified leads let us help you focus on “your sweet spot” target account list and penetrate potential key accounts with “named account” prospecting.

eBulletins Professional Network

The biggest challenge B2B marketers face today is that their buyers are invisible until they’re ready to purchase. DemandWorks’ unique technology unveils those key Decision Makers, enabling you to nurture prospects towards purchase.

Our eBulletins platform analyzes hundreds of different data points across our network of 13.5+ million business professionals, enabling you to target prospects that are researching topics relevant to your products. With customers reporting staggering ROI, you can be sure to reach those ‘inmarket’ buyers at the right time!

The first touch is only the beginning. From whitepapers to eBooks and from webinars to case studies, custom prospect journeys and persona mapping encourage multi-stage content consumption for highly engaged prospects.

Put it into action

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