5 Ways To Repurpose Marketing Content

Companies invest a lot of resources, namely time and money, to produce and market content. You’ve made blogs, videos, brochures, white papers, etc., and you don’t want them to just wither away.

Give your old content new life by repurposing it. It’s the same content, but wrapped in a different way, kind of like upcycling.

If you’re not sure where to begin, take your most well-performing content currently. You’re looking for your most-read blog posts, your most-watched video, or your highest-engaged social media post.

Upcycle Posts Into Podcasts

Edison Research has concluded that the popularity of podcasts has doubled from 2008 to 2017.

Take your most-viewed post, and turn it into a script for a podcast, perhaps offering a new, unique point of view. You can then take the link to the podcast and embed it into the post, thereby increasing your on-site time.

Conversely, you can flip the script and turn an extremely popular podcast or video and turn it into a blog post.

Turn Internal Data & Social Reviews Into Case Studies

You most likely already have data on how your customers perceive your brand. Take this data and turn it into a case study! You can shout your accomplishments all day long, but people believe people, and recommendations from someone else will go further than your own trumpeting.

A case study will give you a chance to publish positive customer reviews, and share that perspective with potential new clients.

Combine Multiple Posts Into A Roundup Review

Whether your business is in favor or listicles or not, readers love a good roundup. Think of “Cliffnotes,” giving your reader a chance to get a nice, short overview of something.

Make a slideshow or roundup post that provides a lot of internal links to other posts. You’re highlighting the best of the best of a topic that you’ve focused on last year, this year or whenever.

Design Milk is a good example they did a roundup of their favorite roundups!

Make Statistics & Quotes Into Infographics

BuzzSumo has found that blog posts with images every 75 to 100 words get double the social shares than those with different image-to-word ratios.

Readers like to scan articles, so you can use their scanning tendencies to your advantage by turning important numbers and quotes into pull-out images.

You can continue with the upcycling theme and take that infographic and use it to post across social media platforms with a link to your post.

Combine Multiple Posts Into One eBook

Quite a lot of posts have a similar theme or topic, and you can use that to your benefit.

Turn a lengthy post into a whitepaper or a set of smaller posts into one eBook.

By writing an outline with hyperlinks, and creating an overall tone for your posts, you can repurpose a lot of smaller pieces of content into one downloadable piece. Put your whitepaper or eBook behind a subscriber sign-up or some other kind of paywall, and see your newsletter and email subscriber list bloom!

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