3 Ways To Turn More Leads Into Customers With Display Retargeting

While most people think of retargeting as a tool used in e-commerce marketing, it’s actually a unique marketing solution for any industry. Retargeting, or display retargeting, can be very useful for B2B companies.

What is display retargeting?

Display retargeting is advertising to a consumer who has already indicated an interest in your product or service. Retargeting ads work by using either pixel- or list-based display ads to reach someone who has visited your website previously or made contact with your company.

Retargeting works to increase awareness about your company by reengaging with your consumer and keeping your brand top-of-mind. It nurtures your prospects, draws attention to your brand and expands your company’s reach in the digital atmosphere.

Those are the basics of retargeting. Display retargeting should be part of your larger marketing goals.

Visitors whom you retarget are 70% more likely to convert, which means it’s essential to get the most out of your retargeting options.

Retargeting approaches

So what are the best ways to go about display retargeting? Below, we list a few that you may find helpful.


Facebook is one of the most prominent ways to retarget your leads.

To retarget on Facebook, follow these steps:

  1. Create your list of existing contacts (either from contacts or a pixel on your website).
  2. Connect your audience to Facebook’s Business Manager.
  3. Set a destination URL, such as a landing page or a contact page.
  4. Segment your ads (such as A/B tests).
  5. Create a daily, weekly or monthly budget.
  6. Upload graphics or display ads.
  7. Track the campaign’s progress within Facebook’s analytics manager.

This method uses a similar approach to AdWords in that you’re targeting users who have already visited your website with ads, but the ads are being served on Facebook. These ads appear within Facebook’s feed, which is a seamless option.

Dominate with DemandPRO

DemandPRO is a unique new retargeting tool from Demand Works Media.

As a programmatic marketing tool that uses advanced nurturing tactics, DemandPRO uses content, brand awareness, and industry-leading technology to help turn potential leads into paying customers.

DemandPRO offers:

  • Lead Retargeting. Nurture your new leads immediately with relevant ads.
  • First-party Intent Monitoring. Also known as “contact” monitoring, this 100% proprietary tool helps your business to stay in front of stakeholders.
  • Third-party Intent Monitoring. Also known as “company” monitoring, this retargeting method targets surging companies during the purchase phase.
  • ABM Engagement. Use leading account-based marketing tactics to target your buyers with relevant display retargeting. Use your own list or use DemandPRO’s!

DemandPRO is available for both mobile devices and desktop/laptop computers. Mobile devices are the ideal location for short-form content such as infographics, podcasts, short blog posts and video. Laptops and desktops are the best locations for long-form content such as webinars, e-books, case studies and more in-depth content forms.

B2B buyers overwhelmingly (89%) use the internet to research their purchases, and 80% of buyers consume three to five pieces of content before deciding to engage in the sales process, according to Demand Works.

Retargeting with Google AdWords

Your efforts to retarget your consumers will vary depending on how much you’re willing to put into your budget.

You retarget with AdWords by setting up a list in your AdWords account. This works either by placing a piece of code within your website that tracks users or by uploading existing contacts.

During these steps, you upload and customize different types of ads, such as text ads with specific keywords, video ads (also known as preroll) and banner ads, or graphics.

Next, a visitor stops by your website or watches your video on YouTube. A pixel is placed on their computer.

Google uses data that you can’t see, but it stores information that matches that consumer with your chosen audience. When the person visits your site, Google stores that information, places the pixel and serves them your ads as they browse the internet elsewhere.

They see your ad on another site and click on it, which brings them back to your website, repeating the cycle.

These banner ads help keep your business at the front of customers’ minds and lead your buyers back to your company.

Ensure success with retargeting

The most important part of retargeting is to ensure that your ads are effective.

You don’t want to repeat, verbatim, benefits of your B2B product from your website – your lead has already been there and done that. Therefore, it’s essential to tell them additional information and show them benefits they may not know about yet.

Retargeting should convey the value of your product, such as the ROI and big-picture stuff, that can be communicated in short, concise ads.

Ready to take your campaign to new heights?

Even perfectly created content can lead to failure, whether it’s due to bad timing, lack of awareness or unresponsive buyers. The newly launched DemandPRO marketing solution may be of help. Contact us today to learn more!